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Notice of Public Intent to Ditch Winter, Date Spring

Facebook is not as supportive of non traditional relationships as I’d hope. It would not let me officially provide details of my lifelong marriage to Writing, short for Ri Ting. Facebook feels the same way about relationships with months or seasons. But I’m hoping some of you will understand…

Winter, I’m breaking up with you. I’ll be with Spring soon and not looking back. I’ve gotten rid of all photos related to you. Well except this one because it’s cute and helps my reputation:

And this one because it involves fire.

And this one because I am sentimental. In the before times, winter meant creative projects with my mom. We typically make fancy cookies, which take weeks to make and are gone in a couple days. Cookies are like life, you know:

Anyhow, I have been keeping a gratitude journal for the past couple weeks. I admit I neglected it the past few days, but the habit has encouraged me to work on those particular muscles of my brain. When I’m really struggling to find cheer around me, often a look through my photo albums will bring up some good memories.

Not everyone is a winter person, or a naturally sunny person, but if my dark gothic soul can delight in pretty cookies and well-fed (ahem: spoiled) birds, there is probably hope for anyone. I do recommend a gratitude journal. Try it for seven days then you can burn it. Yay fire!

So yes–winter and I are not an item. Really, we never were. I was stuck in a pattern. On to new things!

Now time for some hot midnight soup to chase the chills of night away. Thanks for reading my first blog post!

Love and dark light, NZ


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