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Featured Artist | Tionna J. Art

Featured Interview | Tionna J. Art

Creative Name: Tionna J. Art

Real Name: Tionna J Cortez

Long Description of self: I was born and raised in Washington D.C, attended college at Pratt Munson Williams-Proctor and Pratt Institute with the major of Fine Arts painting. Now graduated from Pratt, I work with various materials to narrate my attention to social realism and what it means to me. The overall content of my work comes from an emotional connection between myself and the work and how it creates a conversation for people to talk about. I insist on creating work that conveys a conversation where the audience are asked to share their opinions or feelings if they want. I create to explore my interests and others as well, we sometimes have a lot in common.

Project Description: Yuna-Crush: Creating vibrant portraits of well known artists that music inspires me through the pandemic. The music lyrics is collage into the painting to interpret the reason behind my color scheme.

Medium & why: I use water soluble oil paint because most of the time I’m painting in my apartment and its a easy clean.

The most challenging part of the process: Sketching because at times this is where I create other side projects

Other creative influences: I LOVVVVVEEE WOOD BURNING aka Pyrograph art

Advice to other aspiring artists: Create, Create Create never stop even if people don’t thing your great keep creating because creating leads to growth


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