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Featured Artist | Checa Art

Creative Name: Checa Art

Real Name: Maria-Victoria Checa

Links / Websites:

Brief description of self: i am a self taught acrylic, oil and watercolor painter. I create modern impressionist and abstract paintings.

Long Description of self: My journey as a self-taught abstract painter started in May 2018. Throughout my life I had been mesmerized by the colors and composition of painters like Kandinsky and Miro. Suddenly I felt the vivid need to express my inner emotions. Since then, I have created paintings, learnt about color theory, composition, tried, failed and tried again to create better paintings. With no formal training but a firm commitment to my sense of esthetic and intuition, I have been able to create artwork in the style I love these past three years. Some of my paintings have been featured in various galleries in the DC area. Ten paintings were part of the 2019 winter show at the Hill Gallery in Capitol Hill, D.C.

I was also very proud when Pas Trop Loin de Toi was selected in the Stroke of Genius national painting competition juried by Raoul Middleman and featured at the Circle Gallery in Annapolis. Painting is my now passion.

What I create: In my abstract paintings, I like to evoke feelings of freedom, liveliness and transformation.

Through hyper color contrast and dynamic composition, I try to create movement and instability on my canvas. I thrive on spontaneity, and highly value adaptability and flexibility. I am fascinated by abstract painters like Gerhard Richter and Vassily Kandinsky. Armed with my fancy squeegee and various painting knives, I use techniques from both painters to create colorful imaginary forests and landscapes.

Project Description: I love to paint water lilies.

Medium & why: I use mostly oils. I love oils, because they take a while to dry, so it is easier to create impressionist paintings and mix different hues together.

I also paint with fluid acrylics. I like the way you can create transparency with them.

Other creative influences: Dancing

Advice to other aspiring artists: I would say paint, pain and paint! Practice makes almost perfect!

Testimonial: “There is no must in art because art is free.” Kandinsky


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