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Featured Artist | RADOST by Martina Sestakova

Creative Name: RADOST by Martina Sestakova

Real Name: Martina Sestakova

Social Media: IG – @radostbymartinasestakova

Brief description of self: I design wearable art, create abstract artworks, and lead art workshops.

Long Description of self: I am originally from the Czech Republic and have lived in the United States for 20 years. I live in Kensington, MD, and really enjoy being part of the DMV art scene. My work energizes me as I get to do a lot of different things in a day: from computer work, to painting, to working with clients and students.

What I create: I focus on textile design, painting, and art education. I create scarves that invoke stories from life experiences. My scarves have been featured on Voice of America and at the Smithsonian American Art Museum (DC). In my watercolor paintings, I communicates the perceived meanings and energies of words through colors and shapes. As an art educator, I offer workshops and bring creativity to the public and communities with limited access to the arts.

Project Description: These images capture my artwork, a scarf design, and my studio in Kensington, MD.

Medium & why: As a painter, I work in acrylic inks and watercolors on yupo. I find yupo to be a really fun medium: one that allows for much play and exploration.

Favorite part of the creative process: I enjoy a variety of activities and my studio time involves all kinds of things: sewing, painting, accounting, coordinating meetings, planning art classes, hosting studio visits, reaching out to stores and art galleries, inventory checks, etc. I like my creation process overall but I love when my brush touches yupo and colors and textures start taking shapes!

Inspiration of this creation: Since I focus on a variety of activities (wearable art, abstract artworks, art classes), inspiration comes from a bunch of places. My paintings are inspired by literature: I love words and find it meditative and healing to “paint them” and capture the energy of their perceived meanings in my abstract artworks. Some of these paintings become textiles and thus my wearable art (scarves and fabric necklaces). I also love art history and draw on it for the topics in my art classes.

How creativity betters my life: Creating equates to connecting to me. With myself, with others. I find creating incredibly life-affirming and joyous and healing. In my art workshops, I see people light up, sit a little straighter, smile… all because they have a brush in their hand and they see their own inner creative spirit right in front of them.

Other creative influences: I love writing and have a short story about every textile design and painting that leaves my studio.

Advice to other aspiring artists: Persistence, patience, and being reliable. Persistence and patience will bring you to your clients and reliability will keep these clients long-term 🙂

Testimonial: From a scarf client: I have always loved scarves, but these have far and away become my favorite. They have wonderful and distinctive designs and the color choices are great. I use them year round. They add a little finish and interest, are not bulky and can be worn with any article of clothing. They are my go to. I highly recommend them.

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