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Featured Artist | TiffyInks

Featured Interview | TiffyInks

Creative Name: TiffyInks

Real Name: Tiffany Wilson

Links / Websites:

Social Media: IG@tiffyinks

Twitter: tiffyinks

Brief description of self: My sister says it best and it’s been stuck with me. I’m like a pitbull, mean looking on the outside (natural resting bitch face lol) but sweet on the inside.

Long Description of self: Born and raised in MD but currently live in NC going on 2 years now. Art is currently my escape from reality and side hustle outside of my regular 9-5 job. I create to keep my love for cartoons going as well give people that “I remember so and so from that show” reaction when they see my work.

Medium: I use acrylics

Favorite part of the creative process: Adding the finishing touches whether I’m adding the line work on my painting or drawing to making sure my colors look right when I’m working on a illustration on my iPad.

The most challenging part of the process: Seeing it through. I start to second guess myself a lot in hoping the piece I create turns out the same way if not better than what I have in my head or on paper.

Inspiration of this creation: My love for cartoons. I’m a 80s baby so I enjoyed watching shows on Boomerang all the way up thru Saturday morning cartoons on the WB or ABC. I’m a kid at heart so I enjoy taking shows I’ve watched or my peers watch and put a little spin on them.

Other creative influences: I like to do sudoku puzzles and jigsaw puzzles to ease my mind when I have artists block. I go on trails to run/walk to clear my thoughts.

How creativity betters my life: Brings me peace in my life. I can be an overthinker and at times get really bad anxiety and being a creative helps ease my mind but also push out ideas that gets caught up in my brain.

Advice to other aspiring artists: Have patience and practice.


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