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Featured Artist | Scott Clarke

Creative Name: Scott Clarke

Real Name: Scott Clarke

Links / Websites:

Social Media: IG@_scottclark

Long Description of self: I’m an artist, writer, art instructor, inspirational speaker, occasional singer and a recovering substance abuser hoping to inspire, enlighten and entertain with my gifts. My passion lies in illustration and writing. I began drawing as far back as I can remember, copying cartoons from tv and print. I’d sit for hours drawing the Flintstones. I then began drawing stars from tv and film. I am an only child so it was easy for me to dive deep in to my imagination and find time to explore my little creative mind. One of my favorites to draw was CHER, whom I still draw today. I would draw her in crazier clothes than she already wore. I would also draw stories, I remember once drawing the entire film The Poseidon Adventure in book form (stapled together notebook paper). I stopped drawing for a time in my 20s and 30s when I got lost in substance addiction. Years of that finally steered me toward rock bottom and I got sober(20 years ago tis year). I began drawing again, placing my once troubled energy toward creativity. I loved drawing celebrity caricatures but soooo many artists do that and many better than me that I created a different approach, I make each a tiny tribute with some kind of biographical poem, humorous phrase or play on words. I have found it takes just a drawing to another level. I have self published my work in book form and on merchandise and have gathered a cool following.

Favorite part of the creative process: My favorite part of the creative process is the initial idea…the excitement it sparks and the eagerness to get started are phenominal feelings.

I am most proud of one of my recent books available on Amazon etc. Pandemic-toons, I have attached a few excerpts from the book.

The most challenging part of the process: Every part of the process is a challenge, whether drawing, writing, painting it all requires a big deep breath and a HERE WE GO as it begins! 🙂

How creativity betters my life: Creating has brought me deep fulfillment on many levels, it is my work, my friend, my love, my release and my gift to share.

Advice to other aspiring artists: My advice to other aspiring artists is to follow the passion, don’t compare yourself to others and take chances. Art is everywhere and everything…there’s room for everyone!


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