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Featured Artist | Rosebud Ireland

Creative Name: Rosebud Ireland

Real Name: Canute Bud Ireland

Links / Websites:…

Social Media: IG – @Rosebudireland

Brief description of self: As an artist, I operate from a deep conviction that my sole purpose is to uplift hearts with music. My composing and song-writing process flows naturally and organically without a prescriptive formula, and the result is heartfelt.

Long Description of self: I started my path with music at the age of five—piano lessons and singing in the Baptist church choir. I fondly remember riding around with my mother listening to Motown, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Marvin Gaye. Though I struggled with adversity as a child and trying to find my path in life, with guidance from my mother I was able to get the encouragement I needed to become an artist. I studied composition, music theory, conducting, and counterpoint, and selected guitar and piano as my primary instrumentals. Being reintroduced to piano in College was an interesting and rewarding journey. Balancing instrumental practice and coursework was a challenge that led to significant growth. As a senior I performed Canon in D on piano and Ray Charles on guitar, along with a few other compositions. I saw the audience’s enjoyment and heard their response…this was something special for me. Graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in Music from UVA College at Wise was a defining moment.

What I create: I am musician and singer-song writer to sings plays piano and guitar.

Project Description: Tell little about self , where from.

Favorite part of the creative process: For me its natural process for me. I don’t ever force the songwriting process. It’s similar to giving birth to child. When it happens it just does.

The most challenging part of the process: The Challenge is finishing songs sometimes you come up chorus and first verse. But your still waiting for the second verse Its kind waiting game sometimes I’ll jump to something else. What I realized though if I m thinking to hard it destroys the creative process.

Inspiration of this creation: My heart and soul I was built for solely uplift hearts with musical gift.

Other creative influences: For me its just singing, piano and guitar

How creativity betters my life: Creating Music is healer for me. Sharing my life experiences encouraging people to never quit.

Advice to other aspiring artists: Make a promise to yourself that no matter hard it gets you will never quit on your dream. The world everyday weeds out the weak minded. you for sure keep your heart and mind intact

Testimonial: If you win in your mind you can will anywhere – Rosebud Ireland


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