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Featured Artist | Melly Huang

Featured Interview | Melly Huang

Real Name: Melly Huang

I am a Creatrix who inspires others to unblock creativity and release expectations.

About me: My main forms of artistic expression include fire dancing and body painting. I create to transmute emotions and empower my whole being. Growing up, I have always taken art, movement, and music classes. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I actually believed that I was creative and ENJOYED practicing. Even though I had the technical skills, my perfectionism stopped me from sharing my art and asking for financial exchange. Additionally, I realized I did not prioritize my art as a part of my daily practice. Once I let go of my mental blockages, I saw more creativity in my daily life. I am inspired to help others in unblocking their own mental blockages to live a full and creative life.

Project Name & Details: “Corruption vs. Greed” – I created this piece after the 2020 presidential debate when it felt like all political sides were against us. In a moment of frustration, this piece came out and reminded me to ground myself in what I can control. We still have so much work to do, but know that art is always here to help us process our emotions.

Medium: I primarily fire dance with fans, palm torches, and swords. The most challenging part of the process: Keep going. Create for yourself. Know that you’ll run into blocks and that’s okay. Release your perfectionism and tap into your inner joy.

Social Media: INST: @melly.moves @paint4bodies

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