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Featured Artist | M@

Creative Name: M@

Real Name: Matt Nolan

Links / Websites:

Social Media: IG – @tiquesandfleas @manahoac 

Brief description of self: Persistent thinker and maker, but rooted.

Long Description of self: Very generous, warm, able to think in multiple perspectives, good sense of humor and respect for beauty. Technically skilled and open to other cultural perspectives. Able to improvise with very little direction. Flexible in stressful situations. Wide range of lived experiences. Constant honest appraisals.

What I create: Entangle assemblages of social and cultural habits, ephemera, mythology, and technology.

Project Description: Content-aware erasure of players from sports cards from my childhood

Medium & why: Baseball cards, digital photo, remove your ex filter

Favorite part of the creative process: When the wit or subversion I’m the work finally clicks.

Other creative influences: Album launching soon! I’m basically a Midlife crisis monk tho

Advice to other aspiring artists: Be on time and sober.

Testimonial: “Be excellent to each other”


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