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Featured Artist | Laura Ogle

Creative Name: Laura Ogle

Real Name: Laura Ogle

Social Media:

IG  – @Laura.ogle

Artgram – somefcknart 

Brief description of self: It would be difficult to answer in a short response, I’m at that time and age in life where you are just starting to figure out who you really are, I’m learning who I am cautiously and patiently.

Long Description of self: I’m Laura, I’m 19 years old and I’m a self taught artist. I couldn’t really pin my personality down to one description, especially when it comes to my art. I like to think that my art reflects emotions I’ve been feeling lately. For instance if I’ve been feeling a little down lately my art will have a lot of blue tones and shadowing. The figures in my art also either get more distorted depending if I’m stressed or more detailed depending on how motivated I feel. I want my art to create emotion within other people when they see it. I want them to be able to project their own thoughts and feelings to create their own attachment to it, people can have different perspectives all while looking at the same visual.

What I create: I create intensity, emotion, sadness, confusion, I create pairings that make you look twice. I have ideas flowing in my head constantly of new paintings, some of them very abstract and mainly just using color to express emotion and get a reaction from the viewer. Some use more realism, with outer details that sometimes are only meant for me to see. When I think about what I want to paint I create such detailed steps in my head to orchestrate exactly how I want it to look, but as soon as I start painting I drop all the instructions and just start painting, to see where it goes, to see how many different perspectives can this one painting have and how can I steer the viewer into seeing it that way. In a way of their own, how they really see it.

Project Description: My featured project will be one of a set of three. A triptych I painted back in the summer, when I think I felt the most inspired. It’s a triptych included different angel numbers that correlate to the name of the paintings. For instance ‘555. How you see it.’ Was the third painting done In the series. 555 is all about change, change in life choices, changes in conflict, changes in karma. Change doesn’t necessarily mean bad things either. It means growth and new experiences, new people, new thoughts, new life new love. Change is inevitable, it’s just a matter of how you see it.

Medium & why: I use all different mediums. On my featured project I used oil, acrylic, and charcoal pastels. I also like to use ordinary house hold objects as tools to create different patterns. I used playing cards to outline that parts of background I wanted to stay visible, and I used a turkey baster to drip drop paint. I like to mix it up, but I mostly do acrylic on treated canvas. Acrylic is one of the easiest consistencies to work with, you can add water to create the water color effect and you can add layers to create just the right shade of color. You can build acrylic easily because even if the underlying paint is still a little wet, acrylic won’t be heavy enough to smear it around. Unless your not careful. Also little thing I found it- if you take oil pastels and leave them in the sun for a little bit they turn into these very smooth almost like paint sticks with vibrant color and very thick opacity.

Favorite part of the creative process: My favorite part of my creation process is when Im thinking about what to paint and I have an idea and then it starts to execute all in my head. How to paint this and what colors I should use and the title and the spaces and the figures and then I see the painting like it’s right in front of me. And then I go to actually paint and it ends up nothing like that. Same idea just executed totally different.

The most challenging part of the process: The most challenging is actually painting. I have such a hard time finding motivation, especially in the winter months. I looked at my notes while copying and pasting my answers so I didn’t loose them and then In bold words the first note is “WHY CANT I PAINT??!”

Inspiration of this creation: Realigning. I feel so good when I paint, so relaxed. I just need those spaces in my day where I can completely empty my thoughts onto a canvas. into a drawing or anything that lets me not be completely consumed by my own thoughts. I think that’s why I have a hard time painting what I see sometimes, because when Im painting I’m not thinking about anything except the brush strokes. Maybe to feel deeper emotion in my artwork I need to focus on those emotions and apply them with every stroke. Paint and feel at the same time.

How creativity betters my life: Let’s me breathe.

Advice to other aspiring artists: There are going to be a million people who tell you that your art is bad, that it won’t go anywhere, that your wasting your time, you’ll get the looks and the weird smiles when you try to explain your creative process to people, you’ll get the friends who are there to support you but don’t take the time to understand and listen to the components one of YOUR pieces takes. But there’s gonna those few people, maybe even only one who really see YOU through your art. There’s gonna be that person that’s rooting you on and means it. My advice as someone who’s still learning, is that your art is a form of you. Your thoughts and illustrations that pictures that form in your head the scenes you create the figures you distort. That is all 100% you. Never let anyone tell you it isn’t good enough.

Testimonial: You could think it’s sh*t and not like it, or you could fall in love with it, it’s whatever it’s just some f*ckn art.


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