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Featured Artist | JT3 Production

Creative Name: JT Higgins III

Links / Websites:

Social Media: YouTube: Twitter : Instagram: Facebook (Meta) iTunes: Spotify: search for … “JT3 Production”

Brief description of self: In short I would describe myself as Creative silly Happy full of Energy and last but not least Inspiring

Long Description of self: JT3 Production. Born & Reared in the late 80’s 87 to be exact. This was the time where video games were be coming more than just hitting a ball back n forth across the screen. Side-scroll games were in Full affect. I say this to say video games Inspired me at a young age. I remember my Parents bought me a Nintendo at the age of 4. Changed my life. Year 92 Super Nintendo not only were games more advanced..these games had music to go along almost like soundtracks for movies I was hooked. My Parents introduced me to music through video games taught me how to have a creative mindset without me realizing…..

What I create: So What exactly does JT3 Production create? I create Art. I will photograph of nature,objects people and capture that moment in time and then create a sense of depth and a fantasy Illusion. I compose music EDM ( Electronic Dance Music ) but I also rap just a tab. ( Entertainment Purposes meaning my voice will indeed be heard on a track but not a lead vocal.

Project Description: JT3 Production Network. A Brand New Channel on Roku for Art Creation.Music Podcast clothing and many more. A Television Channel where Artist can showcase their creative side and be seen across the globe.

Favorite part of the creative process: My favorite part of the creation process is the creative process. The creative juices flow like Niagara Falls . Always thinking of what can I create next ? Is always the most favorite part pre existing to completing Something brand new that the World has not yet seen in this Lifetime.

The most challenging part of the process: The most challenging part of the process is using the resource materials that you have. Being creative you must learn how to improvise use what you have. I you shoot film but only have a camera phone or a Panasonic hand held…shoot your film with that until you can afford to reach that higher level of ” Hollywood ” Equipment

Inspiration of this creation: What Inspired my Creation was the sense of struggle I thought I had and found myself looking for a platform rather than focusing on my craft then I thought what’s stopping me from creating a Creative Platform better yet …a Television Network

How creativity betters my life: Creativity better enhanced my Life because the more creative consistency I’ve allowed myself throughout my Career path the more opportunistic I’ve become .

Advice to other aspiring artists: If I had one piece of advice to give another Aspiring Artist would be..Attention all Artist everything you do is art the way you sleep eat play work out it’s all art so embrace that it’s already in you so keep doing Art keep doing what you Love You are an Inspiration to someone in the World

Testimonial: Everything about You is Art. Embrace it. Never be too afraid, embarrassed or discouraged to share you creativity with the World.


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