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Featured Artist | Jfive

Creative Name: Jfive

Real Name: JOhnny 

Links / Websites: 

Social Media: IG – @artbyjfive

Brief description of self: Jack of all trades and a master of none

Long Description of self: I’ve been creating and dreaming for as long as I can remember. Art has kept my hands and mind occupied thru my journey of sobriety that started about three years ago. Art truly saved me and helped me realize my purpose in this life. It is the place where I lose myself and find myself.

What I create: I work in the pastel world. Portraits of the divine, Hindu gods / goddess work but not limited to. Using meditation and chant work to connect with the subject matter. Sometimes for six hours before I start the piece. My love for pastel comes from how fragile it can be, a direct reflection of life as we know it.

Project Description: My depiction of lord Shiva

Medium & why: Pastel because I love it

Favorite part of the creative process: Connecting with the subject matter

The most challenging part of the process: Connecting with the subject matter lol

Inspiration of this creation: Meditation and a calling

Other creative influences: I play guitar and write

How creativity betters my life: Constantly challenging myself builds and brightens my inner light 🙂

Advice to other aspiring artists: Study all that you can !

Testimonial: Let go and keep at it


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