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Featured Artist | Henry Galindo

Featured Interview | Henry Galindo

Creative Name: Henry Galindo

Social Media: IG: Henry__Galindo

Brief Description of self: I’m very creative, reliable, patient and kind.

Long Description of self: Hello, I’m Henry! I was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Northern Virginia. If it’s not music related I’m into films, being a foodie, learning about wine and love being a gamer. I think I create music because music is essential in my life, sure some people like hearing music but music is my life.

Project Details: The E.P. I made is called In SIght. I was ready to release my work to the world. 

Project Description: Not really. I like people hearing their feedback and telling me their thoughts and feeling about each song.

Medium & why: Music, I have always been very introverted so music was the best way to expressing myself. So music comes natural in my life, I express myself through music.

Favorite part of the creation process: Capturing a feeling that I want to express, and when you capture that feeling it is a great feeling.

The most challenging part of the process: When working on a song, I have to an idea when a track is not going to work. It can be upsetting when a song that you worked on for hours ends up in trash.

Inspiration: With is E.P. I have been working on it since last year. With the Pandemic I really just got sit down with no distractions and just express myself.

Other creative influences: Food! I love cooking and watching people cook too. Anthony Bourdain is one of my heroes, he really showed me so much about food.

How creativity betters my life: When someone tells me that they really liked my music and if I’m able to put a smile on their face, that right there is all worth it.

Advice to other aspiring artists: I quote one of my heroes Mr. Quincy Jones ” You Make Your Mistakes To Learn How To Get To The Good Stuff”


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