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Featured Artist | Eric Hagan

Creative Name: Eric Hagan

Real Name: Eric Hagan

Social Media: @eric_hagan_art (instagram) U/tandizojere (Reddit) @hagan_Eric (TikTok)

Brief description of self: I am a fully committed artist.

Long Description of self: I moved to DC after spending almost three years abroad in the Peace Corps. In Zambia, I promised myself that upon my return to the United States, I would pursue my goal of being a professional artist. Shortly after arriving in Washington, I found work as a landscaper and began preparing for the plunge I intended to make. I utilized every day off from work that I had, dedicating myself completely to making art and hustling. Eventually, I began making more from my work than I did as a landscaper, and happily resigned. Since then I have subsisted entirely off my art, and now work with four galleries in the city.

What I create: Ink illustrations and wood carvings.

Project Description: “Clever” my most recent installation at Glass House Gallery, is a fully immersive room of my creations. The intention is to create an overwhelming experience for those who enter.

Medium & why: Ink, I taught myself to draw using the materials that I had available. Sharpies and printer paper were always easy to find, and I grew fond of the properties of ink, though I got better materials down the road.

Favorite part of the creative process: When it gives me goosebumps.

The most challenging part of the process: Back aches.

Other creative influences: Writing

How creativity betters my life: It quells a deep restlessness within me and allows me to express elements of my life that I cannot articulate.

Advice to other aspiring artists: Your career is built brick by brick. Every pair of eyes that sees your work is another piece of foundation and grows your career. Great things are built, bit by bit.


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