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Featured Artist | dzodzie

Creative Name: dzodzie

Real Name:  George halkias

Social Media: IG –

Brief description of self: Creative reclusive for the most part kinda guy.

Long Description of self: I’m 30 from Greektown in Baltimore. My parents immigrated from Athens in the 80s. I have a comedian older brother named Stavros and a strength coach fraternal twin named Niko and we’re all good pals. I’m an artist and I make money selling works here and there and find odd jobs along the way to stay afloat. I usually quit after a half a year because, well, work sucks and is very depressing.

Why I create: I have to for some reason. It’s just the human impulse to create. Dumb cavemen did it and so do we. I don’t even like doing it a lot of the time as I’m painting but sometimes I do and when a work is finished I feel content for a day. Then, I have to start on another. I have like 200 paintings in my house it’s an absurd thing really

Project Description: Titled the box series, these works are meant to feel busy and empty at the same time.

Medium & why: Acrylic markers on flat panel boards. I used to use brushes for the first 4 years of painting but I switched over to markers when I realized I sucked as a traditional brush artist. With the paint markers I can make what I want how I want it

Favorite part of the creative process: Right at the very end when I know I’m almost done

The most challenging part of the process: At the beginning when I realize I have so much more work to do.

Inspiration of this creation: I’ve had an obsession with dots for years. How they connect but never touch.

Other creative influences: I write sometimes.

How creativity betters my life: Aside from my loved ones, it’s the one thing that brings me feelings of true self worth and what have you

Advice to other aspiring artists: Just keep making art. There’s so many artists with the same passion, just focus on yourself. And it might feel bad sometimes because your art might not get attention but that’s ok. At the end of the day make the art for yourself and those who enjoy it will come along.


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