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Featured Artist | Dreem

Creative Name: Dreem

Social Media: IG – @dreemstation

What I create: “Eye mazes” I feel my pieces can be view from all angles to create various scenes stemming from a single piece.

Brief description of self: I am a constantly evolving artist trying to find the perfect medium to portray my thoughts and dreams.

Long Description of self: I make these pieces I like to describe as “eye mazes”. I like playing with the viewer’s mind into recognizing familiar shapes devoid of representation in my pieces. I like including a lot of eyes and/or mouth shapes to support this. Most of my work, consists of small doodles that mesh into a larger obscured subject.

Medium & why: Pen tool in Procreate. I use Procreate because I use a symmetrical tool to speed up my drawing process.

Favorite part of the creative process: The very beginning or the very end.

The most challenging part of the process: Time. I have to be able to juggle time to be able to create without it taking from things I need to do.

Inspiration of this creation: I get a lot of inspiration from mandalas and American Native Art work, specifically the Aztecs and Mayans.

Other creative influences: I would like to make more music but I am currently focused on visual arts.

How creativity betters my life: Allows me to relax and focus.

Advice to other aspiring artists: Whatever you enjoy doing, don’t do it for attention or money. Do it because you like doing it.


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