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Featured Artist | Diamondidis ART

Creative Name: Diamondidis ART

Real Name: Cassandra Diamondidis

Social Media: IG – @diamondidisART

Brief description of self: I’m an outdoor enthusiast who loves to recreate the energy I feel from nature into my art!

Long Description of self: I’m an avid hiker, artist and harpist. I really enjoy creating pieces of art whenever I’m not out exploring nature with my dog. I am always trying to be active in some way and I am focused on fitness on top of my day to day endeavours. I’m also a very spiritual being!

What I create: I create beautiful paintings and drawings! Usually landscape paintings and bird drawings are my go to. My main medium is oil paints but I do use watercolors and acrylics.

Project Description: This is a beautiful piece I worked on and completed recently. I took positive energy from a recent hike and translated it onto canvas.

Medium & why: Oil paints because this is what I was feeling most comfortable with for translating the energy

Favorite part of the creative process: Watching an idea become a reality!

Other creative influences: Drawings, playing my harp, photography, and sculpting

How creativity betters my life: It gives me a creative outlet instead of bottling up emotions, whether they be positive or negative as we go through both

Advice to other aspiring artists: No matter what, keep creating!! You may come across people such as teachers, peers, or even yourself that might put your work down or tell you to just give up. Or your work might not be selling right away and you may feel that it is not worth it to continue. DON’T GIVE UP! Just keep on creating for the JOY it brings you.

Testimonial: Don’t stop creating. Don’t give up


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