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Featured Artist | CatsEye2TheCosmos

Creative Name: CatsEye2TheCosmos

Real Name: Robert(Tre’) Andrews


Brief Description of self: A scatterbrained spacey dreamer always ready to experiment at every opportunity.

Long Description of self: I’ve always been an artist of some sort my entire life. I started out drawing as a child being heavily supported by my great uncle who was quite the talented artist himself and owned his own print shop. I then moved on to writing poetry and was actually honored once to have a poem of mine published. From there I started writing possible lyrics to Hip Hop songs and soon began collecting vinyl records and DJing house parties before being tapped by a friend to be the performing DJ of his Hip Hop group at various clubs in DC. I had also started producing my own music while serving as the group’s performing DJ and eventually wrote, produced, and even performed my own music with this group before briefly becoming a completely new group with 2 of the 3 members. Since then I’ve formed 2 other HipHop groups & released music on a Scottish Independent Music Label as well as independently on my own with my most recent endeavor having been nominated for a Washington Area Music Award(Wammie) back in 2019/2020. I do presently have another album I am gearing up for release, but my main efforts now are almost exclusively on my audiovisual work creating what I call #beatshorts as I continue to progress my video editing skills along with my music production in preparation for my eventual goal of creating my own animated short films that I will score and animate all on my own.

Project Details: My latest release will be called theFRINGEcafe. It will be a sort of anthology type LP consisting of new songs from 2 previous groups I was in as well as songs from a new group I’ve formed and some new solo songs from myself to round out the project.

Medium & why: Music because that was originally the only medium I was creating with until semi-recently.

Favorite part of the creation process: The solitude of hiding in my basement creative space unearthing whatever piece of myself ready to come forth.

The most challenging part of the process: My extremely scatterbrained nature and the idea of how I will apply my creations to a practical use.

Inspiration: A great need to escape.

Other creative influences: Animation & Film Making

Testimonial: Never allow reality to limit your mind & the places it can take you.

How creativity betters my life: It is the best tool I have to maintain my sanity & allow myself some sort of truly fulfilling internal happiness in the dark times we all find ourselves in these days.

Advice to other aspiring artists: Never follow the trends set by other artists or the mainstream, just always remain true to yourself first & foremost with everything you create.

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