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Featured Artist | Burst

Featured Interview | Burst

Real Name: James Small

Social Media: 

Brief Description of self: An open minded, fun loving, determined, creative Gemini

Long Description of self: Hello there, Flow Arts and performing has given me a creative outlet to express myself and also gives me positive affirmation. There have been times in my life where I would have a run of bad luck but flowing always brought me joy. Knowing that Flow Arts has helped me during hard times in life is the reason I share and create events.

Project Details: Burst Flow Arts. Entertainment.

Medium & why: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. No cost only your time

Favorite part of the creation process: The moment when a learn a new move, when performing learning what makes you audience excited

The most challenging part of the process: Being told No or not being asked at all

Inspiration: My love of flow and fire

Testimonial: You will be told No time and time again. You will be told that you are not good enough. You will be ignored and back burnered. What the everyone doesn’t know is that even the back burner gets hot and DON’T GIVE UP!!!

Advice to other aspiring artists: If truly love what you do DON’T GIVE UP!!!


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