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Featured Artist | Brit.Dats.Hip

Featured Interview | Brit.Dats.Hip

Real Name: Britnee Scott

Links / Websites:

Social Media: IG: Brit.Dats.Hip

Brief description of self: I would describe myself as open minded. I like my art to be different and vibrant. i think that in order for my work to stand out I need to be open minded and generate ideas that will grab my attention fist. As a creator I have no idea where or what I want to paint I just go with whatever is opened to my mind. Sometimes I no idea where I am going with some of my art work but my open mind just allows me to create something exciting.

Long Description of self: I am from the Washington, DC SE area. I graduated from a DC public Charted School called Washington Math and Science Tech. Growing up I was always a unique person. I loved to write poetry, draw, and sew. My mother taught me how to hand sew and from there I would create my own patches, and hand sew items. Drawing was something that would keep me focus and staying out of trouble growing up in the DC SE area. I love to create and bring my creations to life. Bright vibrant colors are my best friend and keeps me excited. I always wanted to attend an art school but my parents couldnt really afford it. Artist like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Kerry James, and a whole lot more. Art is my life and My life is Art.

Project Description: You know I never really have names for my paintings. I just put them out there. – I have been thinking about a project description and collection soon but not at the time.

Medium & why: I am more of an acrylic painter. Acrylic seems to be more of a vibrant texter for me. I love the thickness and make sure that the paint sticks.

Favorite part of the creative process: My favorite part of my creation is just getting in my zone. I love turning my music on and just flowing.

The most challenging part of the process: Sometimes the challenging part is being confident enough to finish the creation and putting the colors together.

Inspiration of this creation: Every moment that I pick up a paint brush and play my music according to the mood of my day I just create. This one was really a painting that I just sat and thought about. I never had a idea for it I just thought about what would grab someone attention.

Other creative influences: Fashion Design

How creativity betters my life: Creating enhance my life tremendously. When I paint I think nothing but positive things. I block out all the negativity or things from the past and just create. This has helped me thing rationally and streefree.

Advice to other aspiring artists: I would tell any other artist to stay persistent and continue to bring your ideas to life. People love seeing things that are unique and different so any chance you have to create and bring your mind to life do it because you never know whose watching.

Testimonial: “Always bring your dreams to life”


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