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Featured Artist | Banana Peppers

Creative Name: Banana Peppers

Real Name: Banana Peppers

Links / Websites:

Brief description of self: I am a passionate creator, that aims to uplift and inspire others through my work.

Long Description of self: I am a Visual and Performing Artist based in Washington, DC. Artistically known as Banana Peppers, I create illustrations, paintings, drawings, animations, and cut out work that focuses on race, nostalgia, and the nuances of Black identity and experiences. I am a self-taught visual artist that began sharing my visual artwork in 2010. As a trained singer and dancer, I have been able to tap into those modes of expression to influence my art style and dedication to honing my craft. I am grateful to have displayed my art at pop-up events and in local galleries in the DMV area as well as done solo and group exhibitions. I have completed public indoor murals in DC for Femme Fatale for the past three years. I have also created illustrations for brands like Google, Netflix and Disney Plus. I utilize social media to share my work and connect with others and I plan to continue growing and expanding as an artist and also as an artrepreneur.

What I create: I create paintings, illustrations, and mix medium art pieces. I share my work in many forms with the hopes that I can connect and uplift others.

Project Description: These are 3 of my recent art pieces. A painting, a punch needle yarn piece, and a digital illustration.

Medium & why: I am a mixed media artist and I really enjoy being the freedom and possibility of not limiting myself to one form of artistic expression. I love the looseness of watercolor, the vibrancy of acrylic paint, the texture of yarn and magic of digital illustration

Favorite part of the creative process: My favorite part about the creation process is coming up with the idea and trying to develop it in a unique way. I also like experimenting with different materials and I like the part of the process where I feel confident in just going with my intuition and trying things out to see how they end up

The most challenging part of the process: The most challenging part for me sometimes is knowing when to stop or when a piece is complete

Inspiration of this creation: I am inspired by music, movement and black culture

How creativity betters my life: Creating gives me an outlet to express myself. It allows me to relieve stress, share my emotions and also have fun

Advice to other aspiring artists: Focus on your “why” and try not to lose sight of it and the importance of honing your skills and sharing your work in a way that is fulfilling to you.

Testimonial: I love the quote “Let the work speak” and one of my favorite sayings that inspires me is Perhaps the mission of an artist is to interpret beauty to people—the beauty within themselves.” Langston Hughes


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