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Featured Artist | Able Art Design

Featured Interview | Able Art Design

Creative Name: Able Art Design

Network Profile: @Able_Art_Design

Real Name: Jeremiah Foxwell

Social Media:

Brief description of self: Optimistically curious.

Long Description of self: I have been an artist to some degree all my life: drawing the sights around me as a child, exploring different mediums through art classes, sketching desert scenes during my military deployments, and presently making visual art inspired by the onset of a rare disorder affecting my vision. The work on my Instagram feed started with documenting the double vision I was experiencing to focus on the positive aspects of a life-altering syndrome. Seeing the world in double has informed my understanding of color, light and what we perceive to be contours and lines.

Project Name & Description: Sunset in double vision – Two independent visions of one sunset

Medium & why: Water Soluble Oil Paint. It’s what I had access to at the moment.

Favorite part of the creative process: Defining the contours of what I see by the opposite color shade in the color spectrum (ie… shade of yellow is purple)

The most challenging part of the process: Knowing when the art expression is complete.

Inspiration of this creation: A silver lining.

Other creative influences: Ukulele

How creativity betters my life: Makes a syndrome a blessing.

Advice to other aspiring artists: Do what inspires you.

Testimonial: Sunsets are better x2.


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