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Special Shout-out to our Burner Family! (Camp IAMU)


CAMP IAMU (@Burning Man)

DC Creators was an inspired thought right after our first Founder came back from Burning Man (BM) in 2015. She was traveling & cohabitating with Camp IAMU. The meaning: It’s All Made Up. That’s right, it is! Our lives consist of everything we manifest. With this camp, the name speaks for its self. IAMU means business. This is their campsite (photo), manifested on-site, at Burning Man. Yes, it might be hard labor, a lot of work & planning, regardless, the community comes together every year to create something that they can be proud of, at a place they love. Then they get to enjoy the best view of the Playa (landscape) when it’s all said & done. Inspirational stuff!

In addition, BM’s uniquely massive festival is usually filled to the gills with genuinely loving people and heart-felt creations all around. In the daytime, you see art for miles. Some so tall you can hardly believe that it was made by mankind. By far the most creative interactive experiences one could ever imagine. When night hits the music is grooving and “glowies” (lights) are twinkling all around you. You can’t help but feel inner peace with humanity that you would rarely (if ever) feel in the “default world.” The connectedness is rejuvenating. This was life-changing for Davina Louise.

“When I came back from Burning Man I felt that we are all creators at our core. Some just haven’t found the right tools yet. I mean that you have to try EVERY instrument in the music store before you say you’re not a musician. Apply that logic to all of lifes creative outlets, and you will find your niche! Everyone has something.”~Davina

Davina’s first year joining this event (2014) she set up a painting booth right in front of the camp, and named it “Let’s Paint Everything!” It was a stand-alone booth, filled with people painting their own puzzles & canvases right there on site. She said to visitors, “if you don’t want to paint, I’LL PAINT YOU!” She proceeded to paint any Burners willing to be her canvas. It was a fully enjoyable, inspirational experience. When she came home (to the default world), she knew her life had changed. She bought as soon as she returned from her second trip to BM (2015).

Our Burning Man family (IAMU) helped build the foundation of our community and let us show locals first-hand that we are all creative by nature’s design. Hosting creative events, where they are exposed to the tools & knowledge to learn something they didn’t know they could do.

DC Creators has expanded the outreach and now look forward to showing all of DMV’s (DC, MD, VA) locals just how creative everyone can truly be… given the right tools, connections & positive outlook. Now that we’ve built our Online Network for creative locals to connect, share & co-create, and we can finally say “Welcome Home.”

Once you have done something, it’s hard to convince yourself that you can’t. IAMU is home, platform and connecting place for Burners looking to surprise themselves with what they can create and transform.” ~ CAMP IAMU

We thank #CampIAMU for helping us see that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself.

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