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Special New Years Charity Stream announced!!

Before we get to the my usual post of weekly twitch streams, I’m thrilled to announce my SECOND charity stream collab with the amazing ThriftyFangirl on New Years Day!

This time, we’re streaming to fundraise for NICCA.

From their About page:

“The National Indian Child Care Association is the recognized representative body of the Tribal Child Care and Development Fund Grantees. The Association was developed in 1993 to provide information, support, coordination, and advocacy for Tribal child care. Two hundred sixty Tribes and Tribal organizations received Child Care and Development Funds in FY 2008. The Child Care and Development Block Grant is the single largest program authorized under the Personal Responsibilities and Work Opportunities Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) affecting Tribal governments. Participation in the Child Care and Development Fund allows Tribal governments the opportunity to design, implement, and support programs which are beneficial to the unique needs of our Tribal citizens. ”

Now, on to my usual post!


GLaDOS’ Revenge (Portal 2 Part 2):

Twists and turns galore (The Great Ace attorney 2 Part 9):

Execute the plan(s)! (Broken Age Part 5):

It All Collides (Broken Age Part 6):

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