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New Network Ambassador: ADAM MYERS

Congratulations to Adam Myers, for becoming our new Network Ambassador! Adam is working hard to help creators thrive, and we appreciate his dedication & strong will to make things happen.

Twitch channel for non-violent games:

Here are a few words from our Ambassador, Adam Myers

“Hey Creators! If you don’t know me, my name is Adam Myers. I’ve been a part of the network for quite some time now, and I’ve been blown away by the talent represented here. That is why it is my great honor to have been offered the position of Network Ambassador. Joining the team behind the DC Creators Network is a dream come true, and I’m so excited to help it fulfill it’s unlimited potential. So first, a bit about me. I’m a student at Goddard College studying, as you may expect, the entertainment industry. I stream on twitch, craft stories, sing, and act in various formats like stage and voice. I love examining human behavior, thinking about trends, brainstorming ideas, learning, and working for a better tomorrow. One of my life’s missions is to make the entertainment industry fair and kind, and put the focus on the creators where it should be, and not on the corporations–particularly because I believe the impact entertainment has on society will allow those changes to meld into our wider culture.. That’s why being able to join the DC Creators Network team is so special to me. You may now be asking what exactly a “Network Ambassador” does. Well, a variation of things, but it’s all in service of the main job of making the DC Creators Network a place where creators like you actively want to be. I’m going to be thinking of ways to bond as a community both casually and professionally, be supportive of each and every one of you, seek out potential new members of the network, and other stuff like that. It’s an evolving position, so you’ll probably see me doing a lot of different stuff over time–but just know everything I’ll be doing in this position is with the utmost focus on making the DC Creators Network an enticing, supportive, fun and exciting place to be!”

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