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Featured Artist | Skrib (scribble)

Creative Name: Skrib (scribble)

Real Name: Brian Williams

Social Media: IG –

Brief description of self: I would describe myself as creative, witty, dorky sense of humor and laid back.

Long Description of self: I am currently enrolled in school for 2D animation. I am passionate about drawing, illustration and animation. I’m from the dmv area located in Montgomery county Maryland. I am 33, inspired by comics, cartoons, anime and gaming. I’ve grown a liking to painting and graffiti art, but illustration is where I will always reside.

What I create: I create art focused around illustration, I creating paintings and drawings of original characters, themes to portray ideas and people .

Medium & why: For some of these pieces I’ve used digital art and also acrylic paint .

Favorite part of the creative process: My favorite part would be the phase after creating the idea. Once my idea or character is created, the building begins and I dive in as if they exist .

The most challenging part of the process: My most challenging part of my creative process is running into a creative slump . Sometimes I’ll have a good run artistically, then I’ll come to a moment where I may not know how to finish a piece and I end up having to step back for a while .

Inspiration for this creation: Depends on my current mood but most cases comes from graffiti, anime, gaming and comics

Other creative influences: Usually drawing and painting. I do like writing poetry when the mood strikes

How creativity betters my life: Creative helps me access the world differently from a perspective of an artist. Not only to relate or understand people around me but also how to trouble shoot life. Being open minded creatively helps to see things from multiple points of views.

Advice to other aspiring artists: Don’t give up, look for Inspiration everywhere, and don’t be afraid to ask questions on how to improve.

Testimonial: I don’t have a testimonial, however for those who struggle as an artist to find your voice, just know you’re not the only one searching, but keep “speaking” and you will find your voice where the world will hear you.

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