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Featured Artist | Osoikame

Featured Interview | Osoikame

Creative Name: Osoikame

Real Name: Rob Klug

Social Media: IG@Osoikame

Brief Description of self: Very shy, having a camera allows me to comfortably interact with the world around me.

Long Description of self: I’m a photographer. I love photographing the world around me whether it’s people, nature or something going on in the street. My goal is to capture the mood or spirit of my subject, it may be a mother owl with her owlets or an angry demonstration or a performance artist. The camera allows me to capture a very special and unique moment in time.

Project Details: Photos of my daily life experiences.

Medium & why: Camera

Favorite part of the creation process: I love looking for the photo that I want to take. I have tremendous patience when it comes to photography. I can stand in the woods for hours watching for and waiting for nature. I feel the same way about capturing people, I can spend a whole day walking through city streets looking for interesting things to photograph. Also, the joy of capturing the moment that I have been waiting for.

The most challenging part of the process: The most challenging part is timing. You have to be ready to shoot at all times or you’ll miss the photo and whatever it is you wanted to capture may never happen again.

Inspiration: My two greatest sources of inspiration have been the fire spinning community in Washington DC and the Drum Circle at Malcolm X Park. Both groups have such tremendous talent and are incredibly passionate about their art. I’m blessed to be able to be a part of both communities and to be able to photograph them.

Other creative influences: 

How creativity betters my life: Photography is my passion, when I take a really wonderful photo it’s pure joy. I then feel like I want to go out and do more.

Advice to other aspiring artists: You have a gift, it’s special and unique and only you can express it. Don’t doubt yourself, keep exploring and growing and using your gift.

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