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Featured Artist | Noiram Zero

Featured Interview | Noiram Zero

Creative Name: Noiram Zero Real Name: Marion Benedetto

Brief Description of self: I am a barely-on-the-grid androgynous alien creating worlds with fewer restrictions than I perceive in the outer reality.

Long Description of self: I’ve always been interested in making new worlds and new characters to share with people, particularly now that the pandemic has drained life+vibrancy from the outer reality. Frequently I use speculative fiction to explore gender and other concepts in a zone with fewer restrictions. I also enjoy sharing experiences in this reality, such as environments. Healing, introspection, and expression are also intentions of my projects (particularly with music and poetry).

Project Name & Details: These seemingly unrelated pieces are all material for my book series Occult Classic. The collage is a possible book cover, the drawing is a character, and the setting inspired the Earth-like world of one part of the series. The fiction selection is a short piece to give an introduction to the series.

The story series uses parallel worlds to examine concepts such as reality, magic, identity, and societal construction as characters adventure and fight and create.

Medium & why: I use multiple mediums in order to build world depth and reach more people. The most challenging part of the process: Being rejected by publishers and buyers.

Other creative outlets: I would like to be less private with my music and learn more about audio and recording. I would like to model more and learn more about film. I am interested in event creation.

Advice to aspiring artists: Develop thick skin—do not base your creative worth on how much art you’ve successfully sold or exposed.

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