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Featured Artist | Musah Swallah

Featured Interview | Musah Swallah

Real Name: Musah Swallah

Website: Social Media: @b.musah Brief Description of self: I am an artist with the passion and love.

Long Description of self: I was born and raised in Accra, Ghana. I am a visual artist, I do painting on wood, canvas and murals that serve as a tool that are design to promote self expression, create awareness, provoking dialogue and transforming society.

Medium & why: I am currently working with wood and acrylic.

Favorite part of the creation process: Applying paints and color on the surface of wood and the movement of the brush

The most challenging part of the process: Sketching on wood and carving some part of the wood.

Inspiration: Surroundings , environment , society and people around the glob

Other creative influences: Playing of music instrument

How creativity betters my life: Creating art piece gives me a very peace of mind, strengthen me physically and mentally

Testimonial: Using art to communicate and make a change.

Advice to other aspiring artists: Dedication, perseverance, Hardworking, determination and patience

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