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Featured Artist | Magpiper

Featured Interview | Magpiper

Creative Name: Magpiper

Real Name: Piper Lane

Social Media: IG@magpiperjewelry

Brief Description of self: I am a being seeking truth and beauty in every relationship.

Long Description of self: I’ve always been an artist. Ever drawn into the creek looking for stones, and ever by my grandmother’s side painting with her. It took many years and recovering from alcoholism to accept I was an artist. There is no other path for me. I went back to my roots, and began working with stones and metal. Never have I looked back.

Project: A reversible pendant titled “Night Forest and Sky”

Project Details: A representation of the night sky and forest in the Appalachian Mountains.

Medium & why: Silver, Fire, Montana Agate, and Brass. I work mainly with these materials. Moving metal and using fire to join pieces satisfies my primal, scientific, mathematical, and creative facets.

The most challenging part of the process: Soldering jump rings, and jumping from design into fabrication.

Inspiration: My natural surroundings.

Other creative influences: I love to paint, drum, draw, knit, and bake.

How creativity betters my life: I meet new people and build more intimate relationships through my art.

Advice to other aspiring artists: Trust yourself.

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