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Featured Artist | JP-artist at Resinating Designs

Creative Name: JP-artist 

Network Profile: @ResinatingDesigns

Real Name: Jenell Moore

Social Media: FB – @Resindesign1 , IG – @resinating_designs1

Brief description of self: I’m a caring, artistic and emotional being.

Long Description of self: I’m a mother and wife. I raise twin boys with my husband, Rob. I have been creating some form of art since I was in preschool thanks to my mother Julia. I went to school for merchandise management and have done a long list of jobs since. In 2019 I started painting again to fill the time while home with my twins and turned it into a home decor business. I now create many handmade decorative item’s and have recently included my original artwork to my shop.

What I create: I am an abstract acrylic painter and a resin artist. I make home decor items like drink coasters, hand formed decorative bowls and hand painted original artwork on canvas with acrylic paints then covered in resin.

Project Description: I call this piece “Sunshine” it’s a hand drawn and hand painted sunflower. It brings a bit of sunshine to my day seeing a gorgeous flower. The sunflower is so much more than just a simple flower and we all have a bit more to us; something special to each person in our world.

Medium & why: Acrylic paints on stretched canvas because it’s a medium I enjoy, but it also gave me an opportunity to layer the colors in this painting, giving it a more realistic touch.

Favorite part of the creative process: I love everything about what I do. My favorite part of this piece was watching the painting pop when I covered it in resin. It’s like watch something be incased in glass.

The most challenging part of the process: The most challenging part with this piece was getting each part of the flower to stand out yet blend together. I wanted there to be individual characteristics to each of them without it looking like they didn’t belong together.

Inspiration of this creation: I was watching television and saw a commercial and there were sunflowers. I thought how I never realized how beautiful of a flower it was and then began thinking about everything a sunflower actually was to the world. The next morning I grabbed my canvas and drew the flower with a pencil and from there, the painting came to life.

Other creative influences: I would like to learn more about working with clay one day.

How creativity betters my life: I feel so relaxed and yet so energetic when I’m creating. My boys are even engaged in my work; I usually have to give them their own stuff to paint.

Advice to other aspiring artists: Remember, not everyone is going to be a fan of yours and that’s okay. Take time to study your craft, continually create new things and enjoy what you do.

Another design by JP-artist:

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