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Featured Artist | Chivrak

Creative Name: Chivrak

  1. Real Name: Matthew Lavigne

  2. Brief Description of self: DJ, pyrotechnician, and beatmaker.

  3. Project Name: Hello Summer Block Party | Live DJ set

  4. Medium: Two turntables and a mixer

  5. Advice to aspiring artists: Keep at it.

  6. Favorite part of your creation process? Removing all the noise and detritus to get to the meat of it.

  7. The most challenging part of the process: Time

  8. Inspiration: Day time dance party

  9. Creativity; is a healthy form of self-medication.

  10. Other creative outlets: fireworks and pyromusicals

I believe that people want to feel or release emotion a little more than they generally tend to be able to experience on their own and this is one of the main reasons humanity has art. Whether someone needs a laugh, cry, make connections, or release are is the vehicle that helps us flow and I use music to add my part to the art.


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