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Featured Artist | CBH

Featured Interview | CBH

Real Name: Christina Blanchard Horan

Social Media: IG @Arichermenow

Description of self: CBH reaches for the top and has exhibited photography in US and Japan, published songs and succeeded as a business owner. I’m an entrepreneur musician and songwriter photographer yoga instructor who is passionate about life.

Project Description: “aRicherMemusic kids” – This was inspired by a heartfelt need to self assess and bring my grandchildren into the process

Medium & why: Music – they love music!

Favorite part of the creative process: I love working with children.

The most challenging part of the process: 🧘‍♂️ staying focused

Inspiration of this creation: My grandchildren

Other creative influences: Build businesses and network!!

How creativity betters my life: Fulfilling

Advice to other aspiring artists: Stick with it and diversify.

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