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Featured Artist | Anastasiya

Creative Name: Anastasiya

Real Name: Anastasiya

Social Media:

Brief description of self: I like everything keep in balance and harmony. I always looking for a beauty in our live and passion in art.

Long Description of self: I am an artist with multifaceted art background. I’m graduated Art school and University of Modern Knowledge named after Shirokov and got bachelor’s degree as a fashion designer. Have experience working as a digital designer and as a fashion designer. I do digital illustrations, pencil drawings, but my main occupation is fine arts. I’m working in realism and contemporary realism. I love to paint objects around me. The journey of still life painting its a realistic study of everyday items. My inspiration comes from the visual world, from feelings and memories that objects creates in ours mind. It gives us illusion, an ephemeral, that something that was long time ago is right here. Specially I love to paint glass, for me , it feels like glass has a very sonorous voice. Painting of still life helps me to teach myself to manipulate paint to convey form and learn about the gratuities and beauty of the paint itself. It is a way of circumventing our conditioned ways of seeing and thinking. It all comes down to feeling: how the artist feels when painting and then viewing it, how the viewer feels when seeing it.

Project Description: My everyday life

Medium & why: I’m do oil painting on linen, with this materials I can express myself in the best way.

Inspiration of this creation: Other creative influences: Digital art, charcoal and pencil drawings

Advice to other aspiring artists: If you good at something and if you have passion for this never louse it. Appreciate it in yourself.

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