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CLUBHOUSE Room …Business Startup Fear breaker session

Having troubles in starting your new business venture?!?


We would like to help those who are struggling with new business startups, and entrepreneurs who may have fears & questions about starting their own business. If that’s you, and you’re on Clubhouse, please join our room so we can help you overcome some of those fears that you might have. We’ll try to keep it simple, and we have our own questions about business, and fears to overcome. That’s why we’re bringing other successful business owners into the conversation to help us on our journey. We all struggle and have fears to overcome. That is why we welcome everyone interested to join so we can uniquely grow stronger… together. We believe in you!

THIS SATURDAY @11am (EST) on Clubhouse (link below) for a chat about business, and how to move forward with confidence, perseverance, and integrity.

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