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An extra long and eventful stream Tuesday hopefully makes up for the others being shorter and uneven

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Tuesday: Quite the eventful stream this week! We start by attempting to steal back Frank’s money only for that situation to escalate real dang fast (though it worked out in the end…kinda), then got swept up into a production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest where Rachel whammies us with a brand new scene she improvised just to make Chloe uncomfortable and/or have fun, and ended the night with a proper kiss.

Thursday: I did have to do a shorter stream this week because i lost track of time and started late, unfortunately. But we’ve almost got her on the ropes! Almost. Not quite. A miracle wouldn’t hurt our chances XD

Saturday: Watch me fumble around for an hour adjusting to an unfamiliar interface! XD Hopefully my frustration is enjoyable hahaha! I’ll figure it out before next week.

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