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Am i really aiming for 3 streams a week now?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, yes, if i can make it work. But i really like offering such distinctly different games on each day to show just how many games are out there that aren’t simply “Shoot real good get dopamine”, so i really hope to keep it up.

On Tuesday we began episode 2 of Life is strange Before the Storm remastered, and it continued being (in my humble opinion) exceptional. It’s really hard proof of how games can be “engines for empathy”, as ive heard it called, because Chloe’s personality really rubbed me the wrong way when i first played Life is Strange 1 and now i really feel for her struggles. And i really hate David, what an abusive prick.

On Thursday I returned to the Great Ace Attorney, where I both play the game and attempt to voice every single character, for better or worse hahaha. Its a lot of fun either way though. Plus, a streamer named ThriftyFangirl stopped by and that was wonderful. She’s real cool.

And on Saturday, we began the FINAL chapter of Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space! This ones brimming with creativity, great jokes, and just an overall great sense of fun! Sam and Max are just such AWFUL people though hahaha. Oh, and a streamer by the name of MightyMooncheese stopped by for a little! That was wonderful.

This week’s Life is Strange:

This week’s The Great Ace Attorney:

This week’s Sam & Max:

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