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A week of shifts to something new!

Tuesday: We finished Before the Storm! Everything kinda went to shit pretty quickly this episode–Rachel is recovering from being literally stabbed, the to get information we had to burn evidence, after which deal with Eliot showing his horrific true colors and it only escalated from there–but we got all the answers we were looking for. I also talked about my belief in the necessity of honesty and the destructive nature of secrets.

Thursday: We finally began Case number 2 in The Great Ace Attorney. Begins with a pretty huge shocker—Kazuma’s dead! Plus, we’ve been pointed to as the murderer thanks to Herlock Sholmes, Ace Attorney’s Holmes-alike who’s not quite as talented at deduction as the man he resembles. Had to do a few new voices that i haven’t quite nailed yet, but hopefully i can hammer the kinks out of those.

Saturday: We found Bigfoot! Or rather, we found Bruno and his girlfriend, thanks to Moleman Magic and a UFO. Its as odd as it sounds. Anyways, they were captured by Conroy Bumpus until Sam & Max’s rather…chaotic…liberation. Now we’re heading over to the gathering of Bigfoots (and their dates) and trying to figure out how to past the bouncer. Had to use a walkthrough a few times, but no shame in that! I just like to make sure that my audience isn’t watching me stumble around stumped for too long.

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