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IMIN2 Jewelry 

Hello everyone!

I want to start off by saying, thank you for accepting me to be a part of DC Creators network. I joined the group to connect with other artists, hopefully make new friends!

I am a full time healthcare worker during the day. A mom of two girls and a part time jewelry artist! I’m the cofounder of IMIN2 Jewelry. IMIN represents the initials of my family’s first name. In case y’all are wondering. 🙂

My jewelry is mostly bohemian inspired. You will see some Victorian/Vintage in my shop as well. The inspiration for my designs comes from the beauty of nature and genres I enjoy. I use a variety of metals and gemstones in my designs. I love learning new techniques. I’ve been creating jewelry for two years now and I love it! I recently started learning how to wire wrap gemstone cabochons and turning them into pendants! So far I’ve made a few pendants/necklaces using raw copper, which I later oxidize myself after the work is done. I think oxidized copper makes the gemstones pop!

I’ve tried different forms of art in the past- Drawing, painting, and home decor. Although I still enjoy it. Jewelry making wins. 😊 If you want to checkout some of my designs, you can see them on my Instagram page. Also, I’m always open to suggestions and feedback!

I look forward to connecting with you all!


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