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“I CHALLENGE YOU!” (TikTok & INST. #Challenges)

We’ve started our DC Creators #Challenges!

Present your creative project in 60 seconds (or less)…

Try our 60-second CHALLENGE (video

Let’s have some FUN! I challenge you to video post…

  1. WHO you are, 

  2. WHAT you made,

  3. WHY you created it,

  4. & WHERE to find it 

…in 60 seconds or less, while also presenting your project visually for others to see! If you’re working on a project, and it’s not completed, you may still accept the challenge. You do NOT have to show your face. Just your creative! 

Then, when you’re done making the video, simply post it on your TikTok and/or Instagram using our hashtags below, and TAG US IN THE VIDEO. That’s it. Have fun with it.

We will like & then SHARE it on our social media as much as possible to help you get exposure! 



  1. TikTok: @DCCreators

  2. INSTAGRAM: @DC_Creators

Challenge Hashtags



IMPORTANT: Make sure to tag DC Creators in the video, so it’s associated with our social media to help your project get exposure.


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