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Featured Artist | Love Lori Michelle Jewelry

Featured Interview | Love Lori Michelle Jewelry

Real Name: Lori Steenhoek

Website: Social Media: IG@lovelorimichelle

Brief Description of self: I’m a maker, designer, and mother who loves to walk and observe the world, who believes in the power of small business, good cocktails, and women supporting women.

Long Description of self: I’m a jewelry designer working with 3D-printing to create minimal, modern, and architectural designs. I also love working with people to make custom, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that are meaningful gifts for loved ones.

Project Name: Maidenhair (Ginkgo Leaf) Earrings

Project Details: I designed and created these leafy, dangle earrings after the Ginkgo trees on my old street that I lived on in DC for 10 years. The leaf shape is really elegant and recognizable. The trees are one of the oldest living species in the world and I find them really beautiful, especially in the fall when they yellow.

Medium & why: Sterling silver, 3D-printed jewelry

Favorite part of the creation process: Working with someone else to collaborate on a design

The most challenging part of the process: Sometimes there are limitations with the medium I use. Try to figure out the scale of details or fine letters or lines in jewelry.

Other creative influences: I like to paint, and I’d love to experiment with writing poetry

How creativity betters my life: Having a creative outlet keeps me feeling energized.

Advice to other aspiring artists: Always be your authentic self.

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