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Featured Artist | Davina Divinity

Featured Interview | Davina Divinity

Creative Name: Davina Divinity

Real Name: Davina Louise

Links / Websites:

Social Media: IG @davinasbodyart @davinadivinity

Brief description of self: A natural-born creator, shining brighter every day.

Long Description of self: “I was born with a crayon in my hand,” or so my mother said. I’ve always been creative. This is because my mother noticed I liked drawing, so she fed creative tools to me for birthdays and Christmas’s. So it’s only natural I became a creator for my occupation as a graphic web designer. You are what you eat – Meaning what you absorb. I create because it is what I was born to do, and I love to help others on their creative journeys. ❤️

Project Description: “Ice-cream body-melt.” Painted her for her surrealist birthday party as a melting ice-cream mess! It was so much fun, and she turned out as a beautiful art piece.

Medium: Bodypainting! Skin & Body Paints. 

Favorite part of the creative process: Once I get my hands on a project and actually start creating, I love how it feels to express myself.

The most challenging part of the process: Figuring out WHAT to create!

Inspiration of this creation: I love painting people! It’s more intimate and I work better with the form of a body than a flat canvas. Also much more fun than painting on canvas!

Other creative influences: Write, sing, draw, Woodburn, dance, and FIRE SPIN (POI)!

How creativity betters my life: It’s very therapeutic, and helps me grow from my experiences.

Advice to other aspiring artists: It’s always good to follow your heart, even if you are not sure you will succeed. The biggest regrets in life are the things you DIDN’T do. Not the things you did.

Testimonial: Live life to the fullest… because tomorrow is not promised to you.

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