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Featured Artist | Adam Myers

Interview | Adam Myers

Real Name: Adam Myers

Links / Websites: 

Social Media: IG@TheAdamSplitter

Brief description of self: I’m passionate as all hell, and have a strong desire to make the world a better place for as many people as possible.

Long Description of self: I don’t know why I create, really. Stories—whether it be through writing, acting, singing, whatever—are my lifeblood. Engaging with them on any level, including—of course—writing, performing, etc myself is simply what I need to feel alive. Im a storyteller, and I love stories. That’s just who I am.

Project Description: This was a short film called What Defines You. I wrote it and helped edit, as well as performed in. It’s not a masterpiece by a long shot, but I’m sharing it over some others because it was directed by a professional filmmaker.

5 young men and women are captured and trapped in an unknown building, with their only guide appearing to be the threatening psychotic voice that belongs to their unseen captor. Can they put aside their differences and escape? And if not, what twisted fates will they endure?

Medium & why: Film. It was part of a short course for students of the College Internship Program thanks to a friend of the Creative Arts director (I owe Kara Demler a tremendous amount) where we all made a complete short film together, so I didn’t exactly have control over the medium, but I did choose to attend the course because I wanted to make film. That said, I got really lucky that the filmmaker who was teaching was open to using the script I wrote that tried to take inspiration from a bunch of the different ideas the class was throwing around.

Favorite part of the creative process: Brainstorming.

The most challenging part of the process: Making the thing, of course! Haha

Inspiration of this creation: A hope to calm down the billions of ideas the class was chaotically spitting out and get to work haha

Other creative influences: I already act, sing and write primarily but I hope to improve my directing, editing, dancing…if it were in my skill set I’d love to do it all to be honest.

How creativity betters my life: It’s what I need. I can’t explain it.

Advice to other aspiring artists: Instead of begging those in power for a chance, collaborate with fellow artists—Don’t work with people who demand you compromise yourself, your art or your values for success.


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