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About us

DC Creators manifested after our founder, Davina Louise, returned from her second trip to Burning Man in 2014. Realizing that everyone is a creator at their core, she partnered with her best friend to produce creative "POP-UP's" in the D.C. area to "make the creative process accessible."

After years of collaborating with local DMV (DC.MD.NOVA.) communities, in 2019 Co-founder Jorge unexpectedly passed, and in 2020 COVID-19 emerged, so we paused to mourn & reformat our program. This soon led to a relocation to Richmond, VA. (Read our story)

In 2021, Davina produced the "DC Creators Network" so we could safely connect away from COVID. She wanted to allow a space for our collaborations to continue online. However, post-pandemic, it has been simplified to focus on our productions.

In 2023 we started the Body Art Collective and partnered with Markster Con Productions in Richmond VA. We strive to produce unique creative environments & workshops all across the East Coast. Together we strive, to live in SYNERGY. 

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