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"Making the creative process accessible."



Thriving better, together.

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Welcome; Artists & Creators, Movers & Shakers.

"Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant community that supports each other's creative journeys through collaborative events hosted in local establishments. Rooted in the belief that everyone is a creator at heart, we aim to inspire, connect, and empower artists, making the creative process accessible to all."

DC Creators was manifested after our founder, Davina Louise, returned from her second trip to Burning Man in 2014. Realizing that everyone is a creator at their core, she partnered with her best friend (Jorge, R.I.P.) to produce creative "POP-UP's" in the D.C. area, "Making the creative process accessible." Team work makes the dream work!


Fast forward, after 5 years of partnership, collaborating with local DMV (DC.MD.NOVA.) communities, in 2019 Co-founder Jorge unexpectedly passed, and in 2020 COVID-19 emerged; So we paused to mourn & reformat our program (Read our story). This soon led to a relocation to Richmond, VA, and an expansion of our community.


In 2021, Davina produced the "DC Creators Network" (in Jorge's honorso we could safely connect away from COVID. She wanted to allow a space for our collaborations to continue online. However, post- pandemic, it has been simplified to focus on our productions, helping our community through "in person" activities & collaborative projects.


In 2023 we started the Body Art Collective, and partnered up with Markster Con Productions to Co-produce creative environments & unique event experiences. We have now expanded our efforts to the creative city of Richmond, starting the community of RVA Creators, determined to "Make the creative process accessible" all across the East-Coast!


Our Story in a nut shell...


KMarlette Poole

A great place to explore & network your artistic side!


Irene Koumbothanassi

Necessary way of being for creative types


Jorge Goncalves

Great energy, deep beats & wonderful creative talent!


"Body Art Collective"

The B.A.C. is an extension of the DC Creators community that explores all aspects of face and body painting, makeup, and special effects (SPFX).


Check out our "SIP & BODY PAINT" events hosted at Fallout (RVA) for the fastest way to get involved in our body art-related events.

(Maryland, Washington D.C. & Richmond, VA)

Get in touch, we'd love to Collaborate and co-create with you.



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"Teamwork makes the dream work." We enjoy collaborating and connecting with other communities, and businesses across the East Coast. Check out some of our Clients, Partners, Sponsors and Collaborators.

Partners & Collaborators

"Never Stop Shining"

Co-Founder, Jorge Goncalves (RIP)

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