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Working up to regular two hour streams!!

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Hey everyone! What a week. I’m striving for 2 hour streams every stream day now, which is very exciting! Check out the first week of those efforts below 🙂

Tuesday we started out acting like everything was fine at a family dinner with the Ambers, but Rachel got fed up with her Dad’s hypocrisy and forced him to reveal a major family secret. We helped cheer up Rachel a bit, and then took some serious risks by asking a favor of Frank the drug dealer. Now Rachel’s injured, and we’re waiting in the hospital for news.

Thursday we FINALLY finished the first case of The Great ace Attorney Chronicles! I’m having so much fun voicing every character as well. Jezaille Brett was tough to break, but her breakdown was splendid when we finally did. Everything came together, and Ryunosuke’s name was FINALLY cleared! That said, there were some technical difficulties that day so this recording is split in two–and some of the early parts of the stream may be straight-up lost.

Saturday I was far better prepared than last Saturday and we got to actually play through a lot of the game, solving puzzles properly! The way they talk about some stuff is definitely dated, but its still pretty funny and should be great to make my way through. If i tried to tell you some of the stuff we got up to in this stream you wouldn’t be able to make heads or tales of it, so check out the recording instead XD

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