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What does it mean to live the Mettā Lifestyle?

Think back to the last time you went to a raging party. You had one drink, two, three, maybe four. Pre-gaming turns into shots, and shots are chased with beers. A flash, you remember freezing in the cold, you went from party to party. The rooms are loud, sweaty, messy. A person is talking to you, they want to dance? You don’t want to dance with them. You leave. Back to the cold. All of this happens in a flash as you remember the next morning.

Your head is pounding, drums are slamming in a cacophony made by the world’s cruelest drum solo. I guess that’s what they call some of the “best memories of your young life.”

The next time you go out it’s likely going to be more of the same. You can say “no more drinking” but, given enough time and you’ll be right out there again. Rinse. And Repeat.

Now, what if we could do something different? What if our lives could involve a fun time out with friends, where drinks are available but you’re not pressured to get sloshed. What if you could remember nothing but great times without puking the next morning? What if, our partying, could make a difference?

At Mettā Creative, the goal is to party with purpose. We believe that people can go out, have an incredible time, and be sustainable both in how they treat the world we live in, but also in their own spirits. Our experiences are created to be memorable, unforgettable experiences where you can meet new people, dance to amazing music, drink without the pressure of blacking out, and make a difference.

Proceeds from each of our events go towards a charity or organization like Casey Trees or Reefined Arts, dedicated to the Mettā creed of Creativity, Balance, and Sustainability. And, to maintain our solidarity with our beliefs we make sure to choose the “right” path as opposed to the “easy” path. So, even if a large company like Coca Cola were to ask to work with us, we would only do so given that we are able to throw the type of event and promote the movement that we believe in.

What does it mean to be Mettā? Metta is derived from Pali, a sub-Indian dialect that means “love.” To live the Mettā lifestyle is to live a life dedicated to love for yourself, for each other, and -most of all – for the world we live in. We only have one life to live. So why live through weekends of lost memories and waste? When instead, you can change the world – and have a good time doing it.

Live Mettā. Party With Purpose.



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