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This week: Armchair Therapy, a Gentlewoman Killer and facing off against the corporate management of

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So! What a week!

Tuesday: We spent a whole lot of time in the junkyard this Tuesday, cuz Chloe does not want to go home now that that abusive prick David is moving in. We then fixed a truck (most of it anyway) and had a “therapy session” with Rachel (for real though these girls need *actual* therapy.) Finally, Frank picked us up and gave us a frankly really shady deal to get rid of all the debt we owe him plus a 10% cut of the money we recover. What could go wrong?

Thursday: Can we prove ourselves innocent? Well not yet, as it turns out. However, we do finally get the TRUE killer on the stand! However it turns out she doesn’t speak English…or rather, she does, but we’ve actually been speaking Japanese! Which makes sense since everything is taking place in Japan but it still threw me for a bit of a loop to need in-game English translated to the English that was part of the localization process.

Saturday: WE FINISHED THE GAME! Chapter 5 saw us destroy hell’s corporate efficiency levels, meet the REAL bosses of hell, accidentally get Satan fired, attend a bachelor party with Jorgen’s monster making do as a stripper, save Sybil from being seduced by Dick Peacock on the eve of her wedding to the head of giant statue Abraham Lincoln AND MORE. My longest stream yet! I’ll start a new game next Saturday, and I’ll definitely be playing Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse on stream once they finish the remaster!

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