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The past few weeks have been CRAZY 

So usually i have a pretty organized post format i share with you guys, but the last week or two have been way out of the ordinary for me. I’ve still done a few of my normal streams, but I also did a charity collab with a streamer i look up to called ThriftyFangirl (or Shannon, she’s cool with either), and then a couple birthday streams for a bit of community fun on Sunday. With all that going on, i couldn’t get up the energy for two hours of voice acting, so i had to skip the usual Thursday stream of The Great Ace Attorney unfortunately. However, in the coming weeks i should be able to get back to my usual schedule! Below are links to the different streams I’ve done these past couple weeks.

Then 20 minutes of the Great ace Attorney before i logged off:

Then that weekend I stepped outside my brand a bit to raise money for queer youth:

Then we started Life is Strange 2:

And then finished Telltale’s Wallace nd Gromit Episode 2:

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