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New Stream recording! Welcome to Easter Island!

Hello all! I hope your 2022 is going all right. Be safe out there! Today we started in earnest on Episode 2 of Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space Remastered, Moai Better Blues! We chatted with famous missing persons on Easter Island, who had each drunk from The Fountain of Youth and turned themselves into babies, because why not? Anyway we solved a few major puzzles, and ended by giving Baby Jimmy Hoffa one more drink from the Fountain which made him so young he stopped existing, which is absolutely not horrific or troubling at all. Anyway, i’m uploading my recordings to my YouTube channel now, so you can head over there to subscribe and get notified when i upload a new recording (link below). Have a lovely week, and i hope to see folks next Saturday at 3 PM Eastern Standard Time!

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